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What colour is the tip of the red fox's tail?

The tongue of the Blue Whale weighs as much as what?

Who did Kanye West marry in 2014?

What is the name for the social group that lions live within?

In which event are competitors penalized for knocking over fences?

Which of these religions developed earliest?

What nationality is tennis ace Roger Federer?

From which hymn does the line 'Blackbird has spoken like the first bird' come?

What is the oldest town in Britain?

What sort of creature is a wyvern?

Macaulay Culkin dated what star of "That 70's Show"?

Bush singer Gavin Rossdale is married to what musician?

In which Bond film does Oddjob appear?

Which F means wild?

What musician did Heidi Klum divorce in 2014?

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