General knowledge Quiz 23

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What type of writing is Paul Theroux associated with other than novels?

What element do all oceans contain?

What is the name of Kevin Spacey's character on "House of Cards"?

Franz Beckenbauer led which team to win the World Cup Final?

The Teacup is a variety of which breed?

Which Premier League football team does Russian businessman Roman Abramovich run?

How many people are in the group The Black Eyed Peas?

Model Iman is the wife of what rock star?

Which D invented the vacuum flask?

Modern trumpets usually have how many piston valves?

What is the most consumed fish in the world?

Complete the name of this mammal. Grizzly _____

What is the skin of the hog used for?

Which K is an aniseed-flavored liqueur?

Torvill and Dean won a gold medal at which Winter Olympics?

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