General knowledge Quiz 22

Like the idea of proving that you know lots about different things? Test your general knowledge then!

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Questions 15
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Difficulty Easy
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Gareth Bale is a well known sportsman in which sport?

What is the shallowest ocean in the world?

The longest ruling British monarch was

Catherine Zeta-Jones is married to what actor?

Milan is a city in which European country?

From which country does the fortified wine, Port, traditionally come?

Which Australian actor briefly played James Bond?

The Valley of the Kings is in which country?

The oak tree is said to symbolize what?

Where were there widespread student protests in the summer of 1968?

What band did Bob Marley help form in 1963?

What is the largest web-footed bird?

Big Ben is in which European city?

Complete the name of this iconic rock band. 'Black ____'

Which ocean separates the USA from Europe?

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