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Greg Lemond is a famous name from which sport?

Which type of fruit has varieties called Victoria, Greengage and Damson?

Ellis Bell was the assumed name of which author?

Which planet has been described as the product of greenhouse gases?

The 1967 Disney film 'The Jungle Book' is based on a book by which author?

What movie made Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling a brief couple in the 2000s?

What is the national bird of France?

Where do meerkats run to when the sentinel alerts them to danger?

Ben Affleck is married to what actress?

Which C is a variety of Corgi?

Jacqueline Bouvier was married to which US President?

Which of these golf clubs would usually be the best choice for getting out of a bunker?

How many full-length novels did Harper Lee have published?

Which of these is not a red property on the Monopoly board?

Which N relates to ships and seamen?

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