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In which decade was the Bond film, Casino Royale, released?

The six hottest years on record have occurred when?

Which of the following does not produce carbon dioxide?

What do camels store in their humps?

What name is given to the small target ball in bowls?

What is the name of the organization James Bond works for?

What rapper is married to Beyonce?

Which of these is a key feature of a golf ball, determining the trajectory, distance and spin of the ball?

Which of these natural events will affect the climate?

Poseidon was the Greek God of

What is the largest country, by area, in South America?

On the fairway, which of these is it necessary for a golfer to do in order to have 'addressed' the ball?

Marc Anthony got divorced from what actress/singer in 2014?

Which ocean is the furthest north?

The 1969 novel 'The Godfather' was written by which author?

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