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Which of the following is a water sport?

What kind of footwear is a sabot?

With Malcolm McLaren, who set up the punk clothes shop 'SEX' in 1975?

What's the name of Topshop's men's store?

Which of these is a well-known hairdressing brand?

Which of these can be in the style of 'half-Windsor' or 'Hanover'?

Which '60s British band sang about a 'Dedicated Follower of Fashion'?

Which of these is a successful brand of watches?

Which piece of men's attire do the British call 'braces'?

Which S is a broad-brimmed hat made from straw?

Which Paul is a well-known fashion designer?

Filipino politician Imelda Marcos was famous for collecting what?

Which item of clothing is the label Ben Sherman particularly famous for?

What sort of clothing is a mantilla?

Where is a 'cummerbund' worn?

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