General knowledge Quiz 15

General knowledge might seem like common sense, but is it more complex than that?

Knowledge quiz
Questions 15
Criteria 60% to pass
Difficulty Easy
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What is the perimeter of a rectangle which has sides of 5cm and 7cm?

Which of these numbers is divisible by 3, 5, and 7?

What was the surname of the man who developed the first electric battery?

How do you play a triangle?

What sort of toy is the Rubik's Cube?

A 'panatela' is a type of what?

What's the name of the geometrical shape of a house brick?

Which of these might use 'arpeggios' in their line of work?

Which of these mammals cannot jump?

Which item of furniture shares its name with a way of displaying data?

How many pedals are there on a grand piano?

Which animal features on the Ferrari logo?

Which of these would use a metronome?

What tool would you use to ensure a surface is horizontal?

Which of these is a high-end sports car?

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