General knowledge Quiz 14

General knowledge means having a grasp of a wide range of subjects - can you prove that here?

Knowledge quiz
Questions 16
Criteria 60% to pass
Difficulty Easy
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Who puts themselves in danger in order for a scene in a film to be exciting?

What occupation uses whistles, cards and notebooks?

In what job would you need an autocue?

Where is a bell ringer usually based?

If you made things disappear in front of peoples eyes what would you be?

Who uses a net, rod and boat to perform their job?

Who sells fresh fruit and vegetable produce?

If you run a premises that serves alcohol, what is your job?

Who puts your luggage on the plane when you go on holiday?

Who guides planes when taking off/landing?

What is the name of the person who drives ships?

If you grind grain into flour for a living, what is your job?

If you worked as a typesetter, what industry would you work in?

If you draw pictures to tell short stories or jokes, what is your job?

If you work in a hotel carrying luggage and other loads, what is your job?

Complete the name of this iconic rock band. 'Led ____'

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