General knowledge Quiz 12

General knowledge could be anything, are you prepared for this quiz?

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Questions 15
Criteria 60% to pass
Difficulty Easy
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Which of the following are you least likely to use when abseiling?

In skateboarding, sliding on an edge such as a rail is known as what kind of move?

BMX is an abbreviation of what?

In golf, what is the term given to the score expected of an accomplished player?

What of these tools is used in crochet?

Storm chasers concentrate their efforts in tornado what?

Hockey is played with what?

Which material is used to make tap shoes 'tap'?

In horse riding, which of the following holds the foot of the rider?

Which sport is played using a long stick with a small net attached to the end?

The horticultural hobby of topiary involves what?

Which of the following can beekeepers not expect to find in a hive?

What do knitters use as a guide for their knitting?

In quilting, joining small scraps of material to make a quilt is called what?

Using a map to find and visit checkpoints in a certain order is called what?

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