General knowledge Quiz 11

General knowledge can be tricky - will you find this quiz easy or difficult?

Knowledge quiz
Questions 15
Criteria 60% to pass
Difficulty Easy
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The Skipjack is a species of what?

The tower on top of a submarine is called what?

Which J is a stork?

Which Ocean is to the east of the United States?

From which part of the world do we get the word 'maize'?

In which way are dogs far superior to humans?

The juniper berry is used to make which of these drinks?

Which I is a wild goat?

Hawaii is found in what Ocean?

The original meaning of the word desert means what?

Which fruit has the Latin name Ribes Nigrum?

Where was swine flu reported to have started?

Which bird completes the film title - 'The ____ Has Landed'?

The Silk Road is in which desert?

Penne is a type of what?

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