Author: Tom Lance

General Knowledge all should know

Knowledge quiz
Questions 31
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What animal language is closest to humans verbally?

Metamorphic, sedimentary, and igneous are types of what?

Who introduced Troy to Tom?

What class made Tom and Kevin Friends?

Who was Tom's best competitive Pokemon in 6th grade?

I'm Pokemon Trainer you ______

What was most embarrassing for Tom?

What did Tom dream about last night?

Which is extinct?

Who was Tom's first crush?

Who is Tom's mentor figure?

Which movie did tom relate to most as child?

Who does Tom like best?

Which book had the greatest impact on Tom?

What is Tom's favorite Marvel Movie as listed below?

What is Tom naming his daughter?

What is Tom's first memory?

What is Tom's mom named?

What is Tom's favorite Pokemon Game?

Who was Tom's best character in Smash Bros Brawl?

What was the name of my Gengar in the 4th grade?

Does Tom like roller coasters or get sick on them?

Where was Tom's secret bike path as a kid to?

Who is Tom's celebrity crush?

Where did Tom first touch a titty?

Which is Tom's favorite Pokemon?

What is Tom's Dream?

Which of the below is not a waifu?

What is the first conversation Tom and Joe ever had about?

Who is smarter?

What Band does Tom like best from those below?

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