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In which Middle Eastern country was the first 'KFC' opened?

Often in the news regarding Middle Eastern affairs, what sort of organization is Al Jazeera?

What country had the largest military force in the Middle East at the beginning of August 1990?

Which of these is in the Middle East?

The state of Dubai forms part of which Middle Eastern country?

What does the A stand for in the Middle Eastern UAE?

What was the main tank of the British Army during the Persian Gulf War?

Which has been Formula One's first foray into the Middle East

To which Middle Eastern country did Toyota suspended its car exports in June 2010?

Which Middle East country did King Hussein rule from 1952 until his death in 1999?

Which of these is a partner of 'BlackBerry Middle East'?

Which of these Middle Eastern countries is the largest in area?

The river Tigris flows through which Middle Eastern capital city?

Which Middle Eastern city had development funding problems and required bailout from Abu Dhabi?

Which Middle Eastern country was formerly called 'Trucial Oman'?

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