Author: Philip D

Fromecest Biology Mock 2019

Knowledge quiz
Questions 24
Criteria 60% to pass
Difficulty Easy
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Give the word that describes cells that contain half the usual number of chromosomes

In humans, how many chromosomes does one gamete contain?

Which of the following is NOT a stage in testing a leaf for starch?

Select THREE ways that villi are adapted to absorb the product of digestion

Select the function of red blood cells

Which of the following statements describes a producer

Name gas A

Name gas B

Select the independent variable in the student's experiment

Select the word equation for aerobic respiration

Which form of respiration releases more energy?

Name a food that is a good source of vitamin A

Which of the following is a function of vitamin A in the human body?

Select the type of bacteria involved at stage B

Select the type of bacteria involved at stage C

Select the type of bacteria involved at stage D

Which of the following is another name for tissue culture?

Select the part of the cell where strands of human DNA are found

Select the number of amino acids that the base sequence would code for

Which of the following decribes the term phenotype?

Which of the following pairs of nutrients are used to provide energy for the body?

Which word can be used to describe all the different species living in a habitat?

Which of the following sets of bases are found in mRNA?

When would a person start to respire anaerobically?

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