A quiz about the massive 1990s comedy Friends, show us what you know.

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Questions 15
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Difficulty Normal
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What was the Friends spin-off series called?

Who has not guest starred in Friends?

Which "Friends" star appears in the "Scream" series?

Which character did David Schwimmer play in the sitcom 'Friends'?

How many seasons did Friends run for?

How many episodes of Friends are there?

In which year did Friends first air?

In which year did the last episode of Friends air?

In the TV series 'Friends' what is Joey and Chandler's favourite TV show?

What is Chandler's surname in Friends?

In the 'Friends' New Year episode 'The One with the Routine', who joined Ross and Monica at the TV broadcast?

In the 'Friends' New Year episode 'New Year's Resolution', Ross bets Chandler's $50 to what?

Which of these is one of the characters from 'Friends'?

Which of the following is a character from 'Friends'?

In which city was TV show "Friends" set?

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