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How long is New Zealand’s Ninety Mile Beach?

How many noses does a slug have?

In Denmark what is a Svangerskabsforebyggendemiddel?

Who composed the music for Sonic the Hedgehog 3?

In Switzerland it is illegal to own just one guinea pig.

What is Scooby Doo’s full name?

What takes place in Hong Kong's Happy Valley?

A baby is born with how many bones?

Babies knee caps develop after birth

Stamford bridge, home of Chelsea Football club, is located in which London borough?

What nickname does Joe Exotic go by?

In what year did Rihanna release hit song Umbrella?

What year did Friends end?

Which country is the largest producer of cider?

Which sea is bordered by Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Russia and Georgia?

What colour is the pocket on a roulette wheel that is numbered zero?

Which hot sauce shares its name with a Mexican state?

Pupaphopia is the fear of what?

What is the hardest known material in the world?

In a deck a playing cards, which card is known as the 'Death Card'?

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