Food Quiz 2

If you spend more time thinking about food than eating, this one's for you.

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Questions 15
Criteria 60% to pass
Difficulty Easy
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What is Tarte Tatin also known as?

What is the brand OXO widely known for?

What is the common colour of a radish?

What is the main component in a Biryani?

What is the main component in tapenade?

What is the main flavour in Bourbon biscuits?

What is the name of Cadbury's dark chocolate bar?

What is the name of the sauce that accompanies prawn cocktail?

What is the primary ingredient in a falafel?

What is the primary ingredient in Tzatziki?

What is the traditional topping on Bruschetta?

What is Tofu also known as?

What is traditionally eaten with a Yorkshire Pudding?

What is Venison the meat of?

What kind of food is Paneer?

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