Finn Wittrock Fan Quiz

Welcome to the Finn Wittrock Fan Quiz created by Finn Wittrock Source. Answer 20 questions on actor Finn Wittrock and prove you're a true stan 😉

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Finn was born in...

How many siblings does Finn have?

What's the name of Finn's dog?

Finn portrayed which of Andrew Cunanan's victims in American Crime Story Versace?

What was the name of Finn's 4th character in American Horror Story?

Finn portrayed Mickey Deans in...

Finn first got famous for his role in which TV show?

Finn appeared in a movie alongside Brad Pitt. What's its name?

In his spare time Finn loves...

What's Finn's guilty pleasure?

Finn once mentioned that he's writing his own movie. What genre will it be?

There's a short film waiting in the wings. It's called...

Later this year, there's a movie coming out called... starring Finn, Ben Affleck and Ana De Armas.

Finn will be in which Ryan Murphy TV shows this fall?

Finn wrote a movie together with his friend Eric Bilitch. What's this movie called?

Finn played Jonny in which rom-com?

Finn shot one of his movies in Iceland. Which one?

American Horror Story wasn't Finn's first job for Ryan Murphy. Before AHS Freak Show he had a role in...

Finn made a guest appearance in which comedy series?

Finn's dad...

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