Author: Simon Thorpe

Fiendish Doctor Who Quiz

Test your knowledge of all things Who in this tricky quiz. Note: all questions refer to the TV stories unless otherwise stated.

Knowledge quiz
Questions 20
Criteria 85% to pass
Difficulty Hard
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Which of these men played the Doctor?

Which of these monsters appeared first?

Who was the first person to see a Dalek on screen?

Other than the Daleks, which character has appeared opposite the most Doctors (up to January 2019)?

How many companions have died while travelling with the Doctor?

How many times did the Doctor regenerate in 2013?

Which of these was not the Doctor in the 1999 Comic Relief spoof The Curse of Fatal Death?

Who was the first Doctor to record a new adventure for audio?

How many Doctors did not use the sonic screwdriver?

Which of these has not played the Master for Big Finish?

Which story had the biggest UK audience?

Which of these novelisations was published most recently?

Who played the Doctor in the stage play Seven Keys to Doomsday?

Which of these actors has not appeared in both the original run (1963-96) and the relaunch (2005+)?

Other than the Brigadier, which companion has appeared in the most individual episodes?

How many stories has Jenna Coleman appeared in, either as Clara or one of her echoes?

Who is Hamish Wilson?

Who or what were Shav and Krail?

Before creating the Daleks, Terry Nation was best known as a writer for which comedian?

Who was the title character of the first spin off show?

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