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Francis health pub quiz!

Knowledge quiz
Questions 20
Criteria 50% to pass
Difficulty Normal
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Where is the oldest forest in the world?

The fingerprints of which animal are indistinguishable from a human’s fingerprints, even when viewed under an electron microscope:

When was Francis Health founded?

When was the first case of Covid-19 confirmed in NZ?

What was Twitter’s original name?

How many rat traps does Bridget have set around her property?

If Herman was a food, what would he be?

Which ingredient would you not find in a Cosmopolitan?

What is Stuart not?

What year was the first SARS outbreak?

What is the second tallest mountain in New Zealand?

If Rory was a food, what would he be?

What year was the Treaty of Waitangi signed?

What percentage of the total energy consumed by microwaves is from them being in standby mode? (rather than during heating)

Who recently retired as a director of the company?

What is the population of Dunback (Bridget’s home town)?

If Bridget was a food, what would she be?

What does the 95 mean in an n95 face mask?

Which of these car manufacturers does not have an animal in its logo

Where is the largest country in the world without a river?

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