If you know your kitten heel from your pencil skirt, this is a fashion quiz for you.

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In which country was the first fashion magazine published?

A pair of shorts are named after which Caribbean island?

A tote is what kind of accessory?

Another name for ready to wear apparel is?

Charles Frederick Worth was the first designer to have what in his clothes?

Complete the name of this designer; Anna...?

Corn Rows is a what?

DKNY is the signature of which designer?

How old was Michael Kors when he designed the dress for his mom's second wedding?

Hugo Boss is a design house from which country?

If you order a custom made garment they will be made by a?

In February and which other month is the New York Fashion Week held?

In the UK they are trainers, what are they in the USA?

In the USA it's the runway, what is it in the UK?

In which city is Rodeo Drive?

A negligee is generally worn in which room in the house?

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