Family feud

Knowledge quiz
Questions 22
Criteria 60% to pass
Difficulty Easy
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Which large department store did the cousins visit every Christmas season?

Who is very sensitive about having their feet touched? Particularly toes being bent

At which family gathering was this photo taken?

Which animal has been picked by Carolyn to be Kelly’s favorite animal?

It’s just minutes before a gathering at Karen’s house. There is much to be done! What can you most likely find the host doing?

It’s Christmas Eve, Marco is no where to be found. Where can we most likely find him?

It’s Easter, what item has Hermine brought?

Who won this infamous game of LRC?

What food can you always count on being present during Christmas Eve?

What is Matt Morvin’s bev of choice?

What is the title of the childhood game including a crazed ape played in Lisa’s Plainview home basement?

Who’s coming out of the quarantine looking something like this?

You go into your overnight bag and find your pajamas a missing. Who took them and where are they?

It’s the late 90’s, set the scene at Lisa’s house

What were Tash and Kelly angrily told after using every dish in Joann’s kitchen to make glass candy which required both food coloring and burning sugar in all her stainless steel pans?

Who is present in this photo?

Who’s home is this photo taken in?

What milestone age did our youngest cousin just turn?

How many pieces of bread are in Peppers mouth?

Set the scene of this photo

Who has the best family in the world and will safely get through this quarantine and have a rager when it’s over?

What does the acronym COK night stand for?

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