Europe Quiz 3

It’s our home continent so you really should know all about Europe.

Knowledge quiz
Questions 15
Criteria 60% to pass
Difficulty Normal
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Which of these is NOT one of the UK Channel Islands?

Which mountain range lies between France and Spain?

Which of these is a major Scottish city?

Which sea lies to the north of Turkey?

Brittany is part of which country?

This country has land borders with Sweden, Finland and Russia

Which of these Mediterranean resorts would you find on Cyprus?

In which city do tourists go to see the Spanish Steps?

Fjords are found in which country?

In which city is the world famous Prado museum?

In which country is the city of Innsbruck?

Which two countries form the Iberian Peninsula?

Audi cars are from which country?

Citroen cars are from which country?

Fiat cars are from which country?

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