A quiz covering all aspects of the continent of Europe.

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What is the largest city within the European Union?

In 2013, which nation became the 28th member of the European Union?

Largest cities of the European union according to population, most first.

How many stars are on the flag of the European Union?

How many members of the European Union have populations over 1 million?

What was the name of the organization that existed before the European Union?

Which Jacques became President of the European Union in the 80s?

In 2007, approximately how many people were living within the European Union?

In May 2008, which of these countries became the 15th European Union member to ratify the Treaty of Lisbon?

In which city is the headquarters of the European Union?

In July 2009 which country took over presidency of the European Union?

Which country's capital city is considered capital of the European Union?

How many dailling codes are there within the European Union?

Which treaty estabilished the first 'European Union'?

Which of these countries are not member of the European Union?

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