Entertainment Quiz 4

If you like films, music and pop culture then test yourself with this quiz.

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Questions 15
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Difficulty Normal
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Complete the name of this famous duo. Sonny and ______.

The TV show House of Cards is partly based on a novel by who?

Who was Starsky's Partner?

Who plays the lead role in the TV show Grey's Anatomy?

Who played Officer McNulty in 'The Wire'?

Fantasy football is the subject of which sitcom?

Which TV show is about a guy with a shadowy past working his way up a business?

Which show features Charlie Sheen as a man who changes careers to be a shrink?

Which Monty Python member uttered the immortal line and now for something completely different?

Who shot Mr. Burns in The Simpsons?

Zach Braff in a hospital, it has to be...?

What is Chandler's surname in Friends?

Which show features the line, 'Good Night John Boy'?

Debra Messing and Eric McCormack played the leads in which hit sitcom?

In Modern Family, Jay's wife Gloria comes from which country?

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