Entertainment Quiz 17

Whatever your preferred type of entertainment, there will be plenty in this quiz to challenge you.

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In which movie is a cartoon rabbit framed for murder and a detective is trying to find the truth about it?

How old was Billie Piper when she went to No 1 with `Because We Want To`?

Who directed The Hunger Games?

Which dance was Chubby Checker doing at the start of the 60s?

Who starred alongside Will Smith in Men in Black 3?

Which James Bond Villain had a midget sidekick called Nick-Knack?

Who was the first person to sell one million records?

Which colour is missing from the Elton John hit: 'Goodbye ... Brick Road'?

Which comedian's voice served as the droll sounding DJ K-Billy in Reservoir Dogs?

In which movie does Clint Eastwood play a retired hitman hired to avenge the brutal assault of a young woman in the Old West?

Which Zoo sang 'Spaceman' in 1996?

What colour were the famous hotpants worn by Kylie Minogue in the 'Cant Get You Out Of My Head' music video?

Who sang Like a Rolling Stone?

What followed in brackets on 'I'd like to teach the world to sing'?

Who had a hit in 1993 with the song: All That She Wants?

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