Entertainment Quiz 15

Time for some Saturday night light entertainment. Take this entertainment quiz!

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Questions 15
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Which 'Sesame Street' character is named after a taxi driver in It's A Wonderful Life?

What kind of high school teacher is Walter White in Breaking Bad?

Which drama is set in the White House?

An upper class African/American family are the subject of which sitcom?

What is the real name of the family of Ned Stark in Game of Thrones?

Which show features the fictional town of Fairview?

Which show follows the first female cop partnership?

A pair of poor flat mates is the storyline for which sitcom?

The character B. A. Baracus hated flying in which TV show?

In which city is House of Cards set?

The role of Jean Luc Picard has been played by David Birkin, Marcus Nash and whom?

In Modern Family, which actor plays the patriarch Jay Pritchett?

In what year did Orange Is the New Black first air?

In Doctor Who, what is the name of The Doctor's space ship?

Which sitcom was about a middle aged lawyer and his young spouse?

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