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Seven royal families engage in a bloody fight for the land of Westeros in which TV show?

Who had 2 different Number 1 singles in 1991?

Which Scottish pop group was named after an American state?

Which show follows a family who run a funeral home?

Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer star in which TV show about nothing?

Which hit single was the love theme of the film 'Titanic'?

What final two dying words of James T. Kirk?

Which TV series took place in Sunnydale?

Big Bird is one of the stars of which TV show?

Who plays the lead role in the TV show Mad Men?

In which US state is the sitcom Parks and Recreation set?

Who played Rita Bennett on the TV show Dexter?

Which TV show features an FBI agent who investigates the death of Laura Palmer in a bizarre small town?

Zooey Deschanel was an offbeat teacher in which sitcom?

In what year did The Walking Dead first air?

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