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Do you know what happened when in this entertainment decades quiz?

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Sabrina the Teenage Witch was a 90s remake of the orginal show. In which decade was the original broadcast?

In which decade was M*A*S*H set?

In which decade is the TV show Mad Men set?

In what decade did the motorcycle club which features in Sons of Anarchy form?

In which decade did Alex Higgins first become World Snooker Champion?

In which decade did grunge music begin?

In which decade was the first sequel to Peyton Place screened?

In which decade was the popular board game Cluedo first published?

Don’t Look Now was released in which decade?

The Killing Fields was released in which decade?

Which decade does Gary Sparrow travel back to in Goodnight Sweetheart?

Neo-Classicism emerged in which decade?

In which decade did Disney release Bambi?

In which decade was Disney's version of "The Jungle Book" release?

During which decade did Jim Clark win the British GP on 4 consecutive occasions?

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