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Elevator quiz - 23.04.2020

Elevator quiz - 23.04.2020

Knowledge quiz
Questions 10
Criteria 80% to pass
Difficulty Normal
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Is it possible to install an elevator with pit depth of 300 mm?

What is maximum speed possible with a hydraulic elevator?

Until what building height is collapsible gates for elevators acceptable?

When the distance between the inner edge of the balustrade handrail and the shaft wall is more than 0.5 m, what must be the height of balustrade?

Which following statement is false? A Destination floor guidance system (DFGS) is

Please confirm if the statement is true or false... A hall lantern glows when the lift departs from the lift lobby?

VONIC can be programmed to make emergency announcements also.....

Fujitec is the only elevator brand to provide IONFUL in the elevator ventilation system?

Reverse Direction car call cancellation & Wrong Car call cancellation is one and the same?

A Quadruplex elevator means?

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