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Elevator Quiz 2 - 18.04.2020

Elevator & Escalator Quiz

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Questions 10
Criteria 80% to pass
Difficulty Normal
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All lifts in the building having height more than ____ m shall satisfy fire requirements

The fireman's lift shall have a loading capacity of not less than?

Rope compensation chains can be used for any travel, but usually it is only necessary for travel above?

What is the IS code for installation & maintenance of Escalators

What is maximum inclination possible in escalators?

What is the maximum flat steps possible in escalators?

The minimum overhead clearance at every point along the escalator step band must be at least ____ m

To ensure safe use of the escalators, sufficiently large free spaces must be provided at the upper and lower landings. The minimum distance for single arrangement escalator is ____ m & for parallel arrangement is ____ m.

What is the maximum inclination possible in a Travellator / Moving walk?

What is the minimum free space to be provided at moving walks exit to ensure space movement of baggage carts?

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