A quiz covering everything related to the latest in techology and recent advances.

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What name is given to a small piece of data that sits on a user's hard disk and can used by a web page to identify that user?

What is a website telling a visitor if it gives them an error 404?

What term means the information-carrying capacity of a channel?

Which Internet company takes its name from an ancient village in a cave in Sardinia?

What does the letter V in the acronym 'VoIP' represent?

Which country has the internet domain suffix of .is

Which piece of household equipment contains a magnetron?

From which word does the abbreviation of the top-level domain extension '.com' come?

Which countess and friend of Charles Babbage gave her name to a computer programming language?

When did the first Compact Discs go on sale?

If you press Control and the letter V while using a Windows application, what will happen?

Which year saw the first ever radio time signal broadcast from the Royal Greenwich Observatory?

A circuit with more than one path is known as a what circuit?

A program that catalogues Web sites is called a what?

An advantage of wireless over wired communications is that wireless is what?

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