Electron Devices Quiz 1

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1. Bipolar Junction Transistor(BJT) is a _______ device.

2. In BJT, which of the following order of regions is correct based on the degree of doping?

3. Considering the width of depletion region of the Emitter-Base junction, which of the following is true?

4. For CE configuration, which of the following is false?

5. Generally, BJT with any one type of the configurations is ________ of circuit.

6. For operating the BJT as a switch, which of the following is true?

7. The width of the regions of the BJT can be arranged as:

8. For operating BJT as an amplifier, Vcc should be _______ than Vbb

9. which of the following relations is correct for BJT?

10. In operating an NPN transistor as amplifier, holes flow from Base region to Collector region.

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