Dysphagia Quiz

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Which swallowing phases are voluntary? Check all that apply.

Which swallowing phases are primarily involuntary? Choose all that apply.

Which phase is considered the phase where feeding occurs (i.e. bringing food to the mouth)?

Which phase forms the bolus?

Which phase moves the bolus to the back of the mouth?

Which phase involves closing off the vocal cords, nasopharynx, and epiglottis during swallow?

Which phase involves the food actually reaching the stomach after entering the esophagus?

Identify the proper sequence of phases for swallowing from start to finish.

In which phase is there a significant risk of aspiration?

Which of the following symptoms is not a potential sign of poor swallowing and potential aspiration?

Dietary modifications are considered what kind of intervention?

Adaptive utensils are considered what kind of intervention?

What consistency is this food item? Applesauce with juice

Which food consistency is this following item? Extra-thick milkshake

Which food consistency is this item? Applesauce

Which food consistency is this item? Scrambled eggs

True or False: If someone is on thickened liquids, you can give them thickened water with ice in it.

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