Drug and Alcohol Assessment: Is Your Loved One Showing Signs of Abuse?

Does your loved one's behavior have you questioning if something serious is going on? If you need help finding the answer to this question, start here.

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Does your loved one have a family history of drug or alcohol abuse?

Has your loved one recently begun spending less time hanging out with friends/family, exercising, eating right, or doing something they love?

Select the statement that best represents your loved one’s personality.

Has your loved one experienced sudden difficulties relating to their job, school work or romantic relationships?

Does your loved one often exhibit bloodshot eyes, fatigue, poor hygiene, weight gain or loss, unbrushed hair, or unclean clothes?

Is your loved one experiencing money problems despite having a steady source of income?

Have you actually seen prescription drugs, illicit drugs, alcohol or drug paraphernalia in or near your loved ones’ possession?

Does your loved one have sudden outbursts that they’ve never had before, or are they abruptly distant and off-putting?

Would you classify your loved one as having low self-esteem?

If you have spoken to your loved one about seeking help for potential drug/alcohol abuse, what was their reaction?

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