Drinks Quiz 4

Think you're an expert on all sorts of drinks? Take this test and find out.

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Fruit Shoot drinks are part of which manufacturing company?

Hooch is named after William Hooper, the inventor of what product?

How many countries is Lilt sold in?

How many drinks are currently under the Monster 'umbrella' in the USA?

How many fruit flavours are in the original formula for Hawaiian Punch?

In what country does Carlsberg originate?

In what country does energy drink Red Bull originate?

In what country does Foster's lager originate?

In what country does Mountain Dew originate from?

In what country does the fruit drink Kia Ora originate?

In what country in 2010 did Rubicon win 'drink of the year'?

In what country is Stella Artois primarily brewed?

In what country was the Coca Cola brand founded?

In what year did Nescafe originate in Switzerland?

In what year was Bailey's Irish Cream first introduced?

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