Alcoholic or non-alcoholic, a quiz about all the sorts of drinks we love so much.

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In what year was Coca Cola launched?

In what year was Crabbies first introduced?

In what year was Dr Pepper first served?

In what year was energy drink Rockstar introduced?

In what year was Lilt introduced?

In what year was Lucozade introduced?

In what year was Sunny Delight marketed throughout the UK?

In what year was Tropicana introduced?

In which English city was Vimto founded?

Limoncello originates in which European country?

Ribena was sold by its founder GlaxoSmithKline in 2013. What was the final price for the brand?

Scotch is a type of what drink?

Tetley founders Joseph and Edward Tetley originally sold what product prior to introducing their line of teas?

Tropicana is owned by which company?

Under what brand is Minute Maid sold in Norway?

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