Dogs Quiz 4

They are the nation's favourite pet, but how much do you know about dogs?

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Questions 15
Criteria 60% to pass
Difficulty Normal
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What does the name Fido mean in Latin?

What dog is primarily used as a guide for blind people?

What dog is the most popular to race?

What is a male dog also referred to as?

What is a sheepdog trial?

What is another term for a mixed-breed dog?

What is Sirius also known as?

What is strange about the Basenji?

What is the average speed of a Greyhound?

What is the average speed of an average dog?

What is the breed of dog most commonly associated with the Queen?

What is the dog equivalent to a thumb print?

What is the dumbest breed of dog believed to be?

What is the first sense that dogs develop?

What is the heaviest breed of dog?

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