Author: Eli

Do You Know Beautifulspirit?

Do you tho?

Knowledge quiz
Questions 15
Criteria 60% to pass
Difficulty Normal
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What was the first clan that Beautifulspirit joined?

Who was Beautifulspirit's first crush on?

What two species is Beautifulspirit a hybrid of?

How many eyes does Beautifulspirit have?

What does Beautifulspirit store their herbs in?

What accessory does Beautifulspirit wear?

Which power does Beautifulspirit have?

What power can Beautifulspirit not control when in distress?

What is Beautifulspirit's main theme song?

What is the name of Beautifulspirit's "home planet?"

Beautifulspirit has a forked tongue

Beautifulspirit is secretly very violent.

Beautifulspirit is homosexual

Beautifulspirit is loyal to people, not clans

Is Beautifulspirit biologically male or female?

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