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Which form of diabetes is managed via lifestyle changes?

Which of the following fasting glucose levels would be considered "normal"?

Elena is experiencing increased confusion, increased thirst, fatigue, headaches, and blurred vision. Which diabetes related complication might she be experiencing?

Harry is experiencing lightheadedness, anxiety, neuropathy, vomiting, and fatigue. Which diabetes related complication might he be experiencing?

Your client has a history of slow healing wounds as a result of diabetes related poor circulation. Which of the following interventions would be the first step you would take to avoid complications?

Lewis has been experiencing difficulty with managing his blood sugar and medications. You have determined he knows how and when to take his blood sugar and medication, however, he still seems to have trouble with completing the task. Which of the following areas of evaluation and intervention might you explore further?

Rowena has a very hard time controlling her blood sugar levels. She takes her medication and glucose levels daily, and attends a day center three times a week. You notice she has soda, chips, candy, white bread, and ice cream in her apartment, even though she tells you that she knows this is bad for her. She expresses concern regarding not knowing how much she is eating, and despite buying diabetic friendly meals, understanding why her blood sugar is still so high. Which of the following would be your FIRST intervention?

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