Dexter Quiz 2

Think you know everything about serial killer drama Dexter?

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Questions 15
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Difficulty Normal
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Who did Dexter date and eventually marry?

What is the first rule of Dexter's code?

Who tells Dexter "I'm watching you [expletive deleted]"?

What does the Ice Truck Killer leave for the police in the first season?

Who was Dexter Morgan's first victim?

Who suggests that Tony Tucci wear a blindfold to help him remember details of his kidnapper?

Where do Dexter and the police find security guard Tony Tucci in Season 1?

What does Tony Tucci remember his kidnapper constantly eating in Season 1?

What is the name of the young boy hiding in a trunk who saw Valerie's kidnapper in Season 1?

What is the name of Rita's abusive ex-husband?

Who did Dexter and the police initially believe to be the Ice Truck Killer in Season 1?

What psychologist does Dexter discover is inducing women to kill themselves in Season 1?

Who does Debra date in Season 1 who turns out to be the Ice Truck Killer?

Joe Driscoll is the biological father of what character?

How did Dexter's mother die?

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