A mixed level quiz based on the novels and TV series about Dexter Morgan.

Knowledge quiz
Questions 15
Criteria 60% to pass
Difficulty Easy
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Who does Dexter frame as a drug abuser in Season 1?

Who does the Ice Truck Killer stab after almost catching him in Season 1?

Who does the Ice Truck Killer kidnap at the end of Season 1?

Who does the Ice Truck Killer try to Dexter to kill at the end of Season 1?

Who moves in with Dexter and beings exercising relentlessly at the start of Season 2?

What item does Rita's ex-husband claim can prove his innocence in Season 2?

Who leads the street gang, the 29th Street Kings?

Who carried Dexter out of the cargo container where his mother was murdered as a boy?

What nickname does Dexter's murders earn him in Season 2?

Who played the special agent and serial killer suspect Frank Lundy?

What fake superhero does Dexter's killings inspire someone to create in Season 2?

Dexter finds a new way to dump bodies in Season, a current that leads to what ocean?

What mania does Dexter's sponsor turned girlfriend have in Season 2?

In what season does Rita discovers she's pregnant with Dexter's child?

Who does Debra team up with in Season 3?

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