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DET Story: Ranger

Let's check what do you remember about 3D?

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Why do we say Ranger is efficient and effective DCB?

What are the key features of Ranger DCB design?

What do we consider as a total drug loss?

What’s the difference in drug transfer between DCBs?

What is Compare Trial design?

What is correct about Compare trial?

Low dose DCB (Ranger 2.0μg/mm² ) and high dose DCB (IN.PACT 3.5μg/mm²) showing both excellent primary patency and low TLR rates; primary endpoints for non-inferiority met, subset data consistent between devices

What is correct about Ranger SFA trial?

In Ranger Pharmacokinetics sub study at 1 hour 1 of 12 patients did not have measurable levels of paclitaxel in the blood stream.

What is true about RCT?

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