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DET Story: Eluvia

Let's check if you know what differentiates Eluvia from any other SFA devices

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What does differentiate Eluvia from other SFA technologies?

What are the key features of Eluvia design?

What are four key factors that are important in the selection of a polymer?

The timing of restenosis in nitinol stenting has been shown to peak at about 9 months in the SFA.

How long Eluvia’s paclitaxel stays in the blood?

The IMPERIAL trial was designed as a superiority study, which simply means Eluvia should perform better than Zilver PTX in order to meet the study’s non-inferiority endpoint.

What is the Imperial Trial design?

What is correct about the Imperial trial?

What is correct about the Münster Registry?

The 24 month K-M primary patency rate of 83.0% is the highest ever reported 2-year primary patency coupled with the very low TLR rate of 12.7%, demonstrates the remarkable longer-term durability of the Eluvia in all group of patients with different SFA lesions including.

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