DDD Reunion

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Questions 20
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Difficulty Normal
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Who created Blazor?

What's the name of Dylan Beattie's Band?

Who was involved in creating SignalR?

What's the C#9 feature that reduces the amount of code for a "Hello World" simple console app to two lines?

When was Microsoft founded?

What does MVVM stand for?

From which universe is this character?

What was given on the ninth day of Christmas?

At what temperature does snow melt?

Who's is this logo?

Who is this?

What's the output of this code snippet?

Who played the first Doctor Who?

Which came first?

Who has served as CEO of Microsoft for longest?

When was the first DDD?

What retro video game is this?

When the first session starts at tomorrow's DDD what time will it be in Seattle?

How many sessions are at this year's DDD?

When was the film "2001 a Space Odyssey" released?

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