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With a CVA in the middle cerebral artery in the RIGHT hemisphere, which of the following symptoms are you likely to see?

Following the loss of trunk control, which of the following functional limitations would you NOT possibly observe?

Your client is experiencing Broca’s Aphasia and is becoming very frustrated in her attempts to communicate with others. Which of the following strategies would be appropriate to use in your interactions with her?

Which of the following is an example of Ideational Apraxia?

As with most people who have had a CVA, your client has lost use of one arm. Which of the following statements is most accurate regarding the potential incorporation of the arm during functional tasks?

What is the main purpose of Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy?

Which of the following approaches would NOT be appropriate for someone who has not regained enough control of their UE for functional tasks?

Subluxations of the shoulder are always associated with pain.

Which task would be the BEST choice to encourage use of an affected limb during an intervention to encourage UE integration into functional tasks?

A CVA occurring in the posterior cerebral artery would lead to which of the following symptoms?

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