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Culinary Tests

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How many fire extinguishers minimum we should have in kitchen

What is Danger zone temperature

What is PPM for sanitizer solution?

What is the chemical used for sanitizing vegetables?

What is the method of using Fire extinguisher?

This is title

"What should be the temperature of bain marie?

How many portions of rice will come in one batch?

When was Swiggy Founded?

Bain marie should be switched on how many minutes before opening the shift?

Where should be the safe assembly point on emergency?

What is the full form of GRN?

What is O2MFR?

What is the acceptable weight of receiving watermelon?

What is shelf life of Yellow gravy?

what is the meaning for KOT?

What is the cut size of Panner cubes?

What is the shelf life Boiled egg?

What is the boiling time penne pasta?

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