Author: Joe Vest

CS Career Day 2019

Knowledge quiz
Questions 37
Criteria 10% to pass
Difficulty Easy
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Round 1

Which of the following operators creates a pointer to a variable in C#?

Which computer language is named after "the first computer programmer"?

The docs for Git state that you have a higher probability of this happening, than to have a SHA-1 collission in git...

Which of these is a Python control flow statement type?

One of the earliest computer programming languages, introduced by IBM in 1957. Created by a group led by John Backhus, with a goal of helping translate math formulas into code. What is the name of this scientific language?

What does the acronym SMTP represent?

Which SQL statement will return all records in the table named "Persons"?

What does MPEG (file format acronym) stand for?

In 1975, Bill Gates and Paul Allen wrote one of the first versions of BASIC ... for which home computer?

Who wrote the classic manual, "The C Programming Language"?

A "double" is classified as what data type?

Who created the Python programming language?

CSS styles can be introduced into your web page in any of three places. Which of the following is not one of them?

Which SQL command adds a new record (row) to a database table?

What digits are used in the octal system?

In C#, which of the following is the default access specifier of a class?

Which of the following data structures falls under the category of a 'dictionary'?

There are 4 divisions in a COBOL program. Which of the following is not one of them?

What would the following Java code fragment output? int sum = 5; sum = sum + sum * 5 / 2; System.out.println(sum);

What DNS record indicates a server that is available to receive incoming email?

In Java or C#, can you prevent your class from being inherited and becoming a base class for some other classes?

When must you declare a class as "abstract"?

Which design pattern guides creation of a class of which only one instance can exist?

This design pattern is used to add responsibilities to objects dynamically.

This design pattern encapsulates an algorithm in a class.

True or false: Assignment with reference types copies the data inside the object.

Which of these represents a "jagged" array?

What is the name of the popular website proposing a series of challenging mathematical/computer programming problems?

Who created C++ ?

C++ : If x = 13 and y = 5, which of the following expressions produce a FALSE result?

Which of these languages does Python resemble in its class syntax?

Who created Java?

Who created the C language?

Who created COBOL?

Google Earth has a flight simulator feature that allows a user to fly two different planes. Which US fighter jet, nicknamed the Fighting Falcon, is one of these?

The HTML 'link' tag allows you to include an external style sheet into your document, as if it had been defined there in a 'style' tag. What is the equivalent rule in CSS?

What is "high cohesion" in software design?

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