Author: Ali Farooq

How Much Do You Really Know About Coronavirus?

Awareness about COVID-19.

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People who show no signs of a given disease are

Which is a Virus?

Awareness about COVID-19.

Which is a disease?

SARS-CoV-2 can ____________ humans.

Which is most widespread?

The word quarantine comes from

After showing symptoms he was told to ___________ for14 days.

A person with symptoms of a disease _________ that disease.

A disease that can be transmitted to humans from animal is

He was happy to learn that his mother tested _________ for this coronavirus.

Which of the following is an unusual feature of the replication cycle in coronaviruses?

Which of the following coronaviruses has caused thousands of deaths around the world as an 'emergent' virus?

Describe the coronavirus structure.

SARS is described as a zoonotic virus - what does this mean?

MERS has four special characteristics and here we have one exception - which is it?

How long does the novel coronavirus survive outside the body?

What’s more important for preventing infection?

What percentage of people confirmed to have Covid-19 develop mild or moderate symptoms?

What is a fomite?

What’s a safe distance to stay apart from someone who’s sick?

Markets reacted to the outbreak with a huge increase in volatility. What was the record set in March by the sell-off in U.S. stocks?

How much money have the world’s governments and central banks pledged in stimulus to counter the economic shock of the virus?

How soon can a vaccine for Covid-19 be commercially available?

Who's at highest risk of developing severe Covid-19 disease?

Choose 2 Answers

Can my dog give me Covid-19?

US President Donald Trump told Americans the spread of the coronavirus may slow with warmer weather. Can the Covid-19 virus spread in hot and humid climates?

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