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The northernmost city in Africa is:

The diamond capital of South Africa is:

Which is the capital of the country that used to be called Abyssinia?

The westernmost major city of Africa:

The formerly known Salisbury is now:

The approximate area of Kenya in square kilometers is:

What was Burkina Faso previously called?

A snail can sleep for:

How many heart chambers does a cockroach have?

A group of hedgehogs is known as:

Nearly how many glasses of milk does a cow give in its life?

Which animal has no vocal cords?

What mountain peak is farthest from the centre of the earth?

What is the highest peak on Mount Kenya?

What is Mwai Kibaki's Birthday?

What is Argwings Kodhek's Baptismal name?

Where did Wangari Maathai complete her Master's degree?

Where are Africa's oldest human remains found?

Most of the rock art on Mfangano Island consists of geometric paintings believed to have been made by:

The Mawenzi is the 4th largest known Tanzanite crystal ever discovered - what was it named after?

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