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what the name of Piranhas team leader?

How many people belongs to sharks?

whats the nickname i usually call wiktor?

whats the nickname i gave to Giuseppina Vicari?

How old is Duarte?

In which city our dear Luisela was living in Spain?

Name 5 clients of SCPT Office

Whats the name Gosia's Groom?

Whats the name of Artur's Dog?

whats the name of one of our combat HIIT trainer?

who is the account manager for Bet-at-Home?

Very important to keep the tideness of our offices, Please name the name of our cleaners in Malta and PT offices.

How many elements make part of operations team??

Whats the name of Joana dog?

Whats the name of Frederico's twins?

Gisela was living in which Portuguese city before she moved to Malta?

who is the account manager to the client Busy rooms?

How many kids has Sennette?

whats the name of Antonio's Wife?

Whats the name of Kasia's Son?

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